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Academic Excellence
at Christ the Savior

Nurturing Scholars and Virtuous Leaders

At Christ the Savior Academy, we believe that education is not merely about acquiring facts; it’s about forming character. Rooted in the classical education model, our curriculum is designed to instill a lifelong love of learning and a pursuit of truth, as guided by our timeless, Christian values..


In our PreKindergarten program, young learners are introduced to the joys of learning in a nurturing environment. We focus on foundational skills such as numeracy and early writing, while fostering independence and confidence to prepare them for the structured learning environment of kindergarten. Our curriculum also includes lessons in music, art, and physical education to develop well-rounded children.


Our Kindergarten curriculum builds on the skills introduced in PreKindergarten, with increased focus on reading skills, confident handwriting, and foundational mathematical concepts. Students take their first steps into science by learning to be attentive when they observe the natural world.

Grades 1-8

From first through eighth grade, students are engaged in a rigorous classical curriculum that includes:

Reading and Composition

Emphasis on phonics continues, with the goal of creating fluent readers and competent writers through classical literature and structured writing exercises.

Numeracy and Arithmetic

Students explore the beauty of mathematics, starting with concrete experiences in numbers, patterns, sizes, and shapes, and advancing to abstract topics in algebra and geometry.

History and Geography

A chronological study of history from ancient times to modern day, integrating lessons on the significance of the Christian Church and the lives of saints.

Greek and Latin

Starting in 3rd grade with Greek and 2nd grade with Latin, students explore the languages that are foundational to Western thought.


Hands-on engagement with the natural world encourages scientific observation and inquiry.

Christian Studies

Students explore Bible stories, Psalms, and heroes of the faith, integrating these teachings into daily life.

Class Size

Maintaining small class sizes allows us to provide a personalized educational experience. With more one-on-one attention, students thrive under the guidance of our dedicated faculty who foster an atmosphere of academic excellence and moral integrity.

Educational Programs

Our educational philosophy is encapsulated in the classical trivium—Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric stages—each building upon the other to develop students’ abilities to think critically, communicate effectively, and act wisely.

Here’s How to Become a Part of Christ the Savior Academy:

1. Schedule a Tour

Discover how our tailored education can benefit your child—call to inquire about a tour.

2. Apply

Experience our campus firsthand and learn about our educational philosophy.

3. Enroll

Once your application is accepted, secure your child’s place in our community and prepare for a journey of academic and spiritual growth.


Discover the Difference a
Classical Christian Education
Can Make

Visit Christ the Savior Academy and see how our unique approach to education prepares students not just for academic success, but for a life of purpose and meaning. Schedule your tour today and take the first step towards joining our vibrant community.